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Woodsmore is a family owned and operated home décor and apparel company.

Woodsmore Décor was founded in 2016 by accident. We were building a house and had scrap lumber laying around and started a hobby creating cute signs and home décor. Through the years our small business has grown, changed, and evolved. One thing has remained the same, our products and vision of having Jesus and our believes at the center of what we offer.

We provide handmade home décor, apparel, pairing accessories, and more.
— Shauna Woods
We are a simple family of 5 that enjoys small town farm life in the country. Our family values are centered around our Christian beliefs and we strive to raise our 3 young boys to love and follow Jesus.

Address: 7910 W Hwy 124 Harrisburg, MO 65256,
United States of America

Phone: +573-823-9792

Hours: Monday-Friday FROM 4 PM TO 9 PM

E-mail: sales@woodsmoredecor.com

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