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  • Super soft material
  • Washable
  • Unique custom designs
  • Discounted price for subscribers
  • Access to a community of believers

We are on a mission and we want you to join us!

Through faith and fashion we want to Bring Jesus Back to the world, into our schools and workplaces, and into our conversations.

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We want to empower woman to feel comfortable to spread the Gospel for all to hear and know about His promises and His coming.

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We want to provide a surpise in the mail each month like a Gift to Yourself that includes a monthly devotion and other surprise inserts. You will also get a digital phone wallpaper monthly to continuously remind you and keep you grounded in your faith. 



Commit to wearing your faith by subscribing to our Faith Based T-Shirt club for our monthly deliverable.

Monthly Delivery

Your subscription will be renewed once a month on the 15th and that's when our shipments begin to go out the door!

Spread His Word

Enjoy your monthly t-shirt, devotion card, any surpise inserts in the bag. Download the monthly phone wallpaper as a daily reminder of His goodness, Join our Facebook community to grow and enrich your faith.