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Bring Jesus Back T-Shirt Subscription



We have LAUNCHED our first Faith Based t-shirt subscription called Bring Jesus Back. Our mission is to deliver top quality Christian inspired graphic tees straight to your door each month to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are all called to The Great Commission, to go make disciples from all nations. The truth us, Jesus has been taken out of many parts of our culture, our lives, and our day-to-day routines. Together, we can Bring Jesus Back by wearing our faith with this mission to spread the good news all around. We are pairing Faith and Fashion so you feel good, look good, and are more confident than ever to walk and talk like Jesus. 

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Are you an introvert? Not really sure how to talk to people about Jesus or about your faith. Maybe you have a great testimony but you're just not that type of person to speak in public or express yourself. By wearing your faith you are not only showing other's that you're a faithful woman, but also reminding others how to walk in their faith. Subtle convictions are necessary at time, right? We've all felt them.

This is NOT just a t-shirt club. Each month you'll get a devotion to focus on, a digital phone wallpaper to upload as a daily reminder, a one-of-a-kind graphic tee, AND access to a Facebook group of like minded woman to connect with. What if your apparel touched the lives of just ONE person each time you wore it? Why wouldn't you?

Here's a look at our first month's design to give you an idea of how amazing these tees will be! Each month will be themed around a scripture, topic, or idea.